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Velcro Strap: Innovative Hook and Loop Fastener

The Velcro is a fastener used across all areas of life for varying applications and is an innovative invention based on the seed spread and structure of plants. The unique fastening technology is found everywhere from handcrafts to therapeutics and outer space voyages. Although the Velcro fastener is widely known and easily recognized around the world, not many know of the brilliant technology and history that lead to its discovery. Read on to find out more about the fascinating account of what eventually led to the Velcro we know and use in our everyday lives.

Velcro Strap: Innovative Hook and Loop Fastener


Velcro Brand

Velcro is the name of a brand of hook-and-loop fasteners that are used for an immensely wide range of fastening applications. The brand name Velcro came from combining two French words velvet (velour) and hook (crochet). Velcro essentially translates to a definition of “hooked velvet”.


How was Velcro Strap Invented?

The hook and loop strap was invented by a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral, which he then named Velcro. Although not many recognize this engineer’s name, George de Mestral’s famous invention is a revolutionary feat of innovation that is most recognized worldwide.

One day in 1948 after arriving from a walk in the woods, George de Mestral noticed some burrs attached to the fur of his dog. George was enthralled by the unique gripping ability and decided to take a closer look at the phenomenon using a microscope. It was then that George discovered the burrs were covered with numerous little hooks that could cling to anything with loops, counting fur and clothing. After examining the structure of the hooks, George fabricated a fastener based on the burr grip design. After eight long years of refining his new invention, George created a new fastener with two nylon strips with having one covered with many hooks and the other with just as many miniature loops. Pressing the two strips together resulted in a strong bond, and detaching them from one another required a substantial amount of force. After later naming his invention “Velcro”, George proceeded to patent it sometime in 1957.


Velcro Types

Velcro comes in several types with varying uses, shapes, and sizes. One of them is industrial Velcro, which comes with woven steel wire that allows for strong tensile fastening throughout usage with high temperatures. The more common consumer Velcro generally comes with nylon and polyester. Although Velcro may come in different types, all of them share similarly efficient attributes that make them safe, easy to use and require no maintenance.

Velcro Strap: Innovative Hook and Loop Fastener


Uses of Velcro

Given a wide number of different designs, Velcro fasteners have numerous uses and are found in countless everyday objects and materials. These fasteners can be found in clothing and shoes as alternatives to zippers, laces, snaps, and buttons. Given their efficient design, Velcro fasteners prove to be effectively versatile and easy to use. They are even great for fastening varying objects across many different surfaces, including difficult ones like:

· Rigid plastic

· Glass

· Tile

· Metal

· Wood

· Fiberglass


Disadvantages of Velcro

Velcro is generally highly advantageous, but it does come with a few downsides that are worth keeping in mind when working with these fasteners. Since velcro straps tend to be constantly fastened and unfastened, there is some decline in effectiveness over time, but only very minimal. The efficiency only slightly degrades, meaning it still retains a high-level functionality for extended periods despite this. Speaking of time durations, Velcro is likely to accumulate dust, fur, and hair, and may even damage the clothing or material it latches onto. Velcro fasteners also tend to produce tearing noise when unfastening, which others may find annoying or loud. Despite these few drawbacks, Velcro seemingly provides more than enough value and fastening efficiency to make its advantages greatly outweigh its disadvantages.



Velcro is something that will not be going anywhere any time soon, as this piece of innovation has dramatically impacted the way we live our lives in many different ways, and for a long time now. The fact that Velcro will remain and continue to evolve alongside us is a solid reason why we should consider learning about its technology and how it works. Through an informative article like the one above, just about anyone can uncover the marvelous wonder that is the Velcro.