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2022 is the year of "cracks"!? Hiroyuki Ehara advises "Two things to do"

2022 light comes from "cracks".

The word that represents 2022 is a "crack".I say the word of that year, "It will change like a gradation, not suddenly switching."However, recently, I feel that the time is too fast.The message that arrives from the spirit world has been changing in about six months, or about three months, rather than a one -year span.Let's take a concrete way to see how "cracks" appear while preparing for that.

It is human relationships that everyone thinks of cracks.It is thought that human relationships are likely to crack, such as lovers, couples, family, and friends.For example, a couple may have a big crack and break up.

In addition, cracks can occur in the company.A typical example is the division of the company by reorganization.Considering the cracks of the land, you have to be careful about disasters such as earthquakes and eruptions.

But cracks do not occur suddenly.Even if a crack is born with a friend and keeps a distance, it is not a sudden event, but the result from before.

You may think that scary words will continue, such as confusion, ruin, cracks.But don't take it just with the image of the language.The important thing is the perspective.I want you to have a perspective to make cracks a good chance so that you can take a positive restart with the destruction as purification.

If you look at cracks from a different perspective, there are aspects of "cleaning", "rebuilding", and "return to the origin".If the cracks occur, if they break up, it will be a chance to rebuild their lives, wouldn't the crack be good?

A really important thing that you can see when you drop it down.

Looking back on 2021, there must have been a lot of awareness and priority in myself."If you don't go out, let's buy new clothes later."In 2022, go one step from there and try to be conscious of "dropping" that uses cracks in a good way.Speaking of addition and subtraction, it is subtraction.

For example, "I have a different way of thinking from this person" is the beginning of a small crack.So it's a push to get your opponent to understand your thoughts.Addition.Conversely, if you think about it, what is really important is to protect your thoughts.What comes out as a result of the subtraction is to respect each other's will.Rather than spreading the crack, "that way of thinking is strange," turns into a vector that warms up your thoughts.Then, the word "I will respect you" will come out, and the relationship with the other person will be new.

It is true happiness that you can see by removing it."I'm happy to live like this."Be sure to enjoy the exhilaration of human relationships, work, lifestyles, and so far "Muri" and "waste".You can achieve a true "return to the origin" to the true self, and then "rebuild" a new self.

2022年は「亀裂」の年に!? Hiroyuki Eharaが助言“やっておくべき2つのこと”

If you change the viewpoint further, the cracks will peel off.In a good way, you and your opponent may see the real appearance.That's why you don't have to try to maintain the same relationships as before or meet people.

What you realize your true self is that you know how to walk.Life will be fun.Conversely, those who cannot switch their feelings and cannot organize them will be unhappy.In a sense, it is not surprising that you can not enjoy the Halloween parties that are flocking and make a lot of noise.

"Cracking" is a strong impactful word, so there is a strong energy.The impact of the building is dismantled, as if the cracks in the wall may occur in 2022.

But don't forget that light comes from cracks.There is hope for a bright sign, like the word, "There is no night that is not dawn."That's why there are two things to do by the time the light shines.

One is to thank you now.You should have found out that your happiness is what you make yourself.If you step further, you can say that it is an emergency like Corona.In that sense, I am not dissatisfied with what I was born in this era, and I am only grateful.

And look for things that can only be done now and try it right away.That's another thing to do.

I often say:"If you fall, don't get up just. Look for one bun, grip and get up."Even if you fall in your life, it is important to learn something, not just get up.

One of the staysheers, who positively, would have reconsidered themselves and thought about the future.With a bright sign, a good start dash should be cut off.

However, if you spend a negative time with the corona's evil as "stress", unfortunately, unfortunately, you may still be inactive.Switch your feelings and look for your "manju".

You can clean up your room, or move with your mind.Anyway, start what you can do now.

In that sense, cleaning by cracks is an advantage.This is a great time for the resort, whether it is a thing or a human relationship, it is a great timing to make a vacant lot or organize.Don't miss the chance to be a true self.

As I said first, I can't help because the time goes fast.If you clarify what is the best for you and its priority, you'll see what you need to do now.

Even if light is shed from cracks, the situation does not always turn around immediately, and above all, it is forbidden to be careful.Just as there is a word that you forget the heat if you are too throat, if you are relaxed or ecstatic, you will quickly scoop your feet, so be careful!

Hiroyuki Ehara

* "Anan" from December 29, 2021-2 January 5, 2022.Photo -Tomo Ogawa

(By Anan editorial department)