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Do you really need an income when touring?Thorough explanation of advantages and disadvantages!(Bike news)

Explain the benefits and needs of income!

Income that is becoming a necessity for touring


The first advantage of the income is that you can talk during touring.If there is an income during a group touring that goes on a few motorcycles, it will be even more fun while driving.If you run on a few motorcycles without income, you may be careful about the timing of breaks and refueling.If the bike you are riding is different, the size of the fuel tank and the degree of fatigue during driving will change.[Image] Look at how to use the income in the image (6 pieces) For example, if you go touring with three units, a sports bike, off -road, or a tourer, refueling it according to the timing of off -road bike with a small fuel tank.It will be.In order to convey it to the other party, you have to wait for a signal to approach the neighbor, swing while driving, and gesture.However, if there is an income, there will be no such troubles.Even if you are running, you will be able to communicate with each other, so it will definitely be useful during touring.In addition, depending on the income, some models are compatible with radio broadcasting, so it is possible to hear news and weather while driving.Some models are equipped with a dedicated amplifier so that you can hear high -quality sounds with noise canceling functions.

Various functions can be used by connecting to a smartphone with Bluetooth

In addition, there are models that can be connected to a smartphone with Bluetooth, so the whole group can share the music you usually hear.Driving a perfect BGM for touring will make driving more fun.The voice guide of the navigation is also heard via the income, so it is necessary to stop the bike to check the map, and it is possible to respond to the phone, so it is very convenient to stop and stop the helmet.Since the number of benefits as described above can be obtained, it is highly necessary to attach an income during touring.

What do you want to keep in mind when wearing an income?

You can use music and navigation even during solo touring

First of all, we want to unify the manufacturer so that there is no problem when making simultaneous calls.When communicating with each other with an income, the same manufacturer and the same model are better compatible.Because there are many types, there are models that can be talked with other companies' income, but if you are not the same manufacturer, you may be inconvenient.That is, the number of people who can talk at the same time decreases.There is an upper limit on the number of people who can call the intercom simultaneous call, for example, the intercom "DT-01" sold from Daytona can connect up to 6 people between the same DT-01.However, there are up to four people in other companies' income, and the number of people who can call simultaneously decreases.Moreover, if you connect an income of another company, the quality of the audio may be reduced or the connection is not stable.In addition, the more people participating in group touring increases, the more you need a model that can make simultaneous calls.The distance that can be communicated varies depending on the manufacturer.If the distance is long, you can call even if it is more than 1 km, but short ones may be set to several hundred meters.In addition, high -performance income is expensive.Above all, in order to have an income conversation, the number of people must be prepared for the number of people, and this is a major disadvantage.Because the income is a communication device that has a conversation among friends, it is no exaggeration to say that there is not much use with one income, and there is no turn in solo touring.If you are listening to music and voice guidance, many people may find it better to use wireless earphones.If you have wireless earphones, there are relatively more people than income, and there are many inexpensive ones.It is also a great attraction that you can use all -you -can -eat call apps and billing plans.However, some people may be concerned that driving with a smartphone will be treated as "driving".Extracting a part of Article 71-5 (5) of the Road Traffic Law is "mobile phone devices, automobile phone devices, and other wireless call equipment (transmitting and receiving unless all or part of it is retained by hand.Use the images displayed in the image display device (abbreviated) attached to or brought in or brought into the car for calls (omitted) for calls (omitted) for calls (omitted). "It is.