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Engadget Logo Engjet Japanese team that allows you to "constantly connect with voice" earphone -type communication device "BONX BOOST"

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The world's best communication device Bonx Boost

"BONX BOOST" is a dedicated Bluetooth earphone for the voice communication platform for the team.

Combined with the group talk app "Bonx" and its business version "BONX WORK", you can enjoy a new communication experience from the business to the private scene.

Bonx, which started with snowboarding, is used not only for extreme sports but also for various purposes.

Connect Bonx Grip / Bonx Mini / Bonx Boost to a smartphone (Bluetooth), and connect the person to speak by the Internet (Voice Over Internet Protocol).As long as you can connect to the Internet, the distance is unlimited and you can use it anytime, anywhere.

The main features of Bonx Boost

Furthermore, smaller and lightweight

The weight has been reduced to the ears by about 10g small/lighter.

Continuous calls for more than 10 hours are now possible.You don't have to worry about charging even if you use it all day.

Furthermore, the attached cradle with a battery supports quickly charging.It is safe in case of something.

Can be attached to both the left and right ears

By adopting a symmetrical design, it can be used in either ear by reversing.

Abundant optional parts

Technology supporting "BONX"

Patent "Inseparable" technology

If you go to a place with a poor communication environment, we will inform users who are calling on the screen and voice that the radio wave has deteriorated.Even if the communication is expired, it will automatically detect it and continue the automatic reconnection process until the communication returns.Calls are possible immediately after the return of the communication environment.

Measures against wind sounds with the utterance detection function

Machine learning is performed according to the user's audio environment, and it does not pick up the shortness of breath, the surrounding environment sounds that are "gacha gacha", and the voice of distant people.It is also possible to adjust the noise filter in manual.

Minimize data communication and battery consumption with lean design

Save communication and battery because you communicate only when you are talking.When conversation (*1) using BONX during activity, data communication is performed only about 20%compared to other companies' calling apps.*1: 60 minutes speak: Listen: Silence = 2: 2: 6 conversation.

Bonx x Road Bike

If you have BONX, you will not be able to get out of your friends with glue pride.You can talk without lining up, making cycling more fun.

"Can you speak even in the headwind?"

Due to the utterance detection technology, we do not communicate when not speaking, so we do not basically hear the wind noise from the other party.In addition, by the unique wind sounding mechanism, you can talk without any problems with fan ride.However, if you are going to compete, it will be difficult to pick up your voice when a speed of 30-35km/h or more appears during conversation.Furthermore, if it exceeds 40km/h, conversation will be difficult.For this problem, we recommend countermeasures with optional parts.

"Is it okay to pass through poor radio waves?"

When your smartphone is out of range, you will temporarily leave the talk room, but when you return to the area, you will automatically return to the talk room, so you do not need to take out your smartphone and re -enter the room.However, in the case of frequently outside the area and within the area, the entry and exit announcement of the room may reach your friends and it is troublesome.In that case, you can turn off the audio announcement from the talk settings, so please try it.

"I want to open the ears on the roadside side..."

With BONX BOOST, you can use it without optional parts on both the left and right ears for the upper and lower symmetrical design.Therefore, you can use it on the right ear or the left ear without any problems.

Bonx x Snowboard


"I'm going to lose and lose..."

For the earpieces of three sizes, you can select the size that suits the ears of the user.In addition, if you use the ear hook of optional parts, it is safe even if it moves intensely.


BONX BOOST has a gap in the earpiece and is not completely sealed.In other words, it is a mechanism that can incorporate environmental sounds from the ears with BOOST.Therefore, there is no problem if you slide on the switch.

Bonx x fishing

Even if you are far away, you can instantly share the hit moment with a hands -free.Bonx is a mechanism that automatically starts with communication by speaking of the utility detection technology, so there is no need to operate button at all.


Basically, it can be used if the radio waves of the smartphone enter.It can be used without any problems except for places where the radio wave conditions are severe, such as the headwaters that enter the mountains, the wild pond, or the Ikehara Dam where the basting tournament is performed.Even if the sea goes 10-20km offshore, radio waves often enter unexpectedly, so it seems that there are many cases where it can be used without any problems.For example, wading and sea kayaks do not go offshore so much, so there is almost no need to worry about radio waves.


BONX BOOST ではContinuous calls for more than 10 hours are now possible.You don't have to worry about charging even if you use it all day.さらにバッテリー付きの付属のクレードルで急速充電にも対応しているので例えバッテリーが切れてしまってもすぐに充電可能です。「水濡れは大丈夫?"

It is a waterproof design equivalent to IP 55.Depending on the degree, it can be used without any problems with splashing in the state attached to the ear.

Bonx x work

Use at construction sites

Use in remote work

Bonx Boost is perfect for remote work.Bonx employees are actually used in remote work.

A bidirectional call can be made at the same time with more than 30 people, and the Bonx application can be made for 10 people in the free version and 30 or more for BONX WORK.Unlike a transceiver, a two -way communication (simultaneous call) is possible like a mobile phone.

It is possible to use two modes and use two modes.In addition, since the mode can be used properly, you can use it not only in everyday use but also for work.

(1) Hands -free mode Automatically detects the voice you talked about and communicate only when you talk.This mode is effective when both hands are blocked, such as when you are doing housework or when you want to have a conversation while hitting your computer.

(2) Push -to -talk mode (income mode) Bonx Boost's earphone physical button or button on the application screen is a mode in which the microphone reacts only.This is an effective mode if you can speak only when you need it, or if you can talk only when you need it.In business, it can be used in the same way as income.

Engadget Logo
エンガジェット日本版 チームで「声による常時接続

Comparison with BONX GRIP

Designer's Comment

プロダクトデザイナー 百崎 彰紘Grip、miniに続き「BONX BOOST"のデザインも担当しました。創業初期はスノーボードをはじめとするアクティブスポーツをメインとしたサービス展開で、激しい動きにも耐え得る装着性の実現などで相当頭を悩ませましたが、今では個人ユースだけでなく医療現場やアパレル店舗、倉庫、航空会社などさまざまな事業でも使用されるようになり、デザイナーとしても非常に喜ばしく思う一方で、これまでにはなかった悩みや課題も明確に出てきたことで、新しいプロダクト開発でそういった悩みを早く解決したいと願っていました。

In the design, I was very worried about how to take the three balance between small size, driving time, and usability, and how to achieve functional expansion, but ultimately compared to other companies' products compared to conventional models.I think it has become a very unique design, and I am proud that there will be no other one that can experience the same as Bonx Boost for the retrofitting microphone function.From now on, we will work on the development of optional items, but I think it will be a more convenient and easy -to -use product.Please stay tuned.

PROFILE: After a wide range of experiences from product planning to actual manufacturing as a product manufacturer, Battles Design was established in 2013.It is a wide range of support, from product planning to product design, and production, focusing on digital devices, peripheral accessories, and IoT -related devices that are good at it.Currently, it supports hardware as a member of BONX members.

He has won many awards such as good design award, IF Design Award, Red Dot Award, JIDA DESIGN MUSEUM SELECTION.

Messa Fro M Takahiro Miyasaka (Seo)

2016年に発売を開始したBONX Gripは、雪山でひらめいたときからは考えられないほど様々な現場で使って頂けるプロダクトとなりました。そして、2019年に発表したBONX miniはその裾野を着実に広げました。一方でBONXユーザーの皆様を見たり話したりするにつれ、僕たちの中で「どんな現場でも快適に使える妥協のない最高の製品を作りたい"という思いが強くなっていきました。そこで着手されたのがBONX BOOST の開発プロジェクトです。BONX BOOST は僕たちとして今できる最高のものに仕上がりました。もちろんまだ完璧に満足しているわけではありません。しかし、BONX BOOST は現状として世界最高のコミュニケーションデバイスになったとは自負しています。世界中のありとあらゆる現場で、仲間たちと本気で働き、本気で遊ぶすべてのチームにこの世界最高のものを届けたい。そんな思いでやっているチームBONXをぜひ応援してください!

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※商品到着後、オプションパーツが同梱されていなかった場合などは「起案者に問い合せ"よりお問い合わせください。※BONX BOOST のご支援とSNSシェアしていただいた方限定のキャンペーンです。※キャンペーンは予告なく終了されることがあります。


Weight: about 10g / body size: length about 28 x about 30 x thickness about 29mm / continuous calling time: 10 hours or more / waiting time: 500 hours or more / Rechargeable type: Type-C / Battery: Lithium ion battery / waterproofDustproof performance: IP55 / Operation button: 3 / Mike method: Dual microphone method / Silicon ear cap: SML3 Size included / Silicon ear hanger: SML3 Size included


2021/9 production started

2022/1 Shipping starts

About Bonx Co., Ltd.

2014年に宮坂貴大が創業。アクションスポーツ中における仲間とのコミュニケーションの課題からBONXを着想し、2016年12月に「BONX Grip"の発売を開始。2017年12月には法人向けサービスBONX for BUSINESSをスタートさせました。2019年7月に第85回エンデバーISP(最終国際選考会)にて日本起業家としては7社目となるエンデバー・アントレプレナーとして選出され、2019年11月から2020年6月に行った新プロダクト「BONX mini"のクラウドファンディングでは約8,000万円の支援を頂き目標を大幅に達成。2020年6月にはBONX for BUSINESSの大幅なソフトウェアアップデートを行い、音声による常時接続による密なコミュニケーションを実現。2021年1月にサービス名をBONX WORKに変更。BONXは、スポーツ/小売/介護/飲食/宿泊/病院/建築現場/リモートワークなど、あらゆるシチュエーションでのチームの成長に貢献するTeam Growth Platformとして拡大しています。


Q: Is a smartphone essential for using Bonx?

A: Bonx is a device to enjoy conversation by connecting with a smartphone and Bluetooth, so you must always connect to your smartphone during use.Bonx is compatible with both iOS/Android smartphones.

Q: How many smartphones do you need to enjoy calling with BONX?A: One Bonx requires one smartphone connected to it.There is only one BONX that can be connected simultaneously with one smartphone.Please prepare BONX and smartphones for the number of people.

Q: How far can the distance between the people wearing BONX be separated?

A: Bonx is a system that uses data communication of smartphones, so unlike transceivers, each other's distance can be left unlimited.If your smartphone is within the radio waves, you can enjoy hands -free conversations between Japan and Brazil.

Q: How much can Bonx and smartphones be used separately?

A: The distance between the Bonx and the paired smartphone can be separated to about 10m, but as the distance is far, the connection may be unstable.

Q: Can I use it even in places without radio waves?

A: Bonx is a system that communicates with 3G/LTE/4G line of smartphone or Wi-Fi, so you can enjoy conversation only in places where you can connect to the Internet.

Q: Can I use it overseas?

If a smartphone is connected to A: 3G/LTE/4G line or Wi-Fi, it can be used overseas.However, please note that data roaming may be required for data communication overseas.Please contact each mobile carrier company for details of data communication overseas.

Q: Do I need to install the BONX app to use BONX?

A: Bonx can be used as a normal Bluetooth earphone for music playback and telephone.However, use other than the BONX app is out of our support.Especially on Android devices, product characteristics and functions vary greatly depending on the model, so please check the Bluetooth function of your device.In addition, in order to enjoy the functions of the Bonx call system, such as group calls, dialogue detection, and noise canceling, you need to use the BONX and BONX app at the same time.

Q: Can I listen to music?

A: Like general Bluetooth earphones, you can listen to music.However, please note that it is a safety first design that is mainly for communication in outdoor sports, so that it is designed to wear one ear, and at the same time, the design can be heard.

Q: Can I get a phone call?

A: You can call by pressing the body button.If there is an incoming call while using the BONX app, it will temporarily leave the group call and return to the group automatically when the phone ends.

Q: Is it compatible with BONX GRIP and BONX mini?

A: Yes, you can talk to Grip users and mini users.Both Grip and MINI will be called via BONX app, so there is no problem with GRIP, mini, and Boost in the same talk room.