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How to remove dust from airpods in a revolutionary way

These earphones have come to be worn by everyone these days. It's Apple's air pod, but it's sometimes frustrating when it's lost or the left and right are reversed, but the most annoying problem is the problem of garbage like this time. How to quickly solve such a problem is a hot topic.

Garbage that accumulates in airpods

Today's lifehack is about the ugly dust, or perhaps earwax, that sticks to your airpods like this.

If it's my own, it's fine, but if I buy it second-hand, I'll be horrified if it's sticky and dirty like this. What's more, it's a policy to completely eliminate viruses now, and there's a lot of disgust.

This method can be used in such situations. It is surprising that it has been played 2.4 million times. Posted by TikTok account @Cleanthatup


Usually, dirt is removed by rubbing with a cotton swab or something. However, his method is exactly like a scales from the eyes.

That's right, use something like clay. Use playdough or BLU-TACK

By using them with strong adhesiveness, dirt adheres. It is something that can be taken wonderfully. Of course, there is the problem that the clay gets dirty, but there is no problem if you buy it again.

It's exactly like that that cleans the pores cleanly. So if you sell something like this as a new cleaner, it may sell.

The trash can cleaning that changes your life is shocking

This is what I would like to commercialize.

Source: TikTok/ MirrorUK