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How to use only the centerpiece function without putting Windows 11

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Windows 11 has been released, but there are some reasons for being cautious about this upgrade.There are many cases where the specifications of the machine cannot keep up with the upgrade, and it is easy to imagine that the level that does not move properly and hinders everyday life.Now that there are many restrictions, I want to secure a state that can be used normally every day.

Therefore, I will introduce how to experience the featured function without having to upgrade to Windows 11.To get that soft design of Windows 11, you need an upgrade of the OS as a whole, but for individual functions, you can often use app installation and OS settings.Even if you finally install Windows 11, you may want to keep using this alternative because it will be better.

The taskbar in the middle

In Windows 11, an app icon is installed in the center of the taskbar.Until now, all of the past Windows app icons were all left -handed, so this is a considerable difference.However, Chrome OS and MacOS are centering the icons, so there have been many apps to do the same on Windows 10.

The StartISBACK app is basically to make the start menu compact, but there are many other functions, and one of the functions that puts the app icon in the center of the taskbar is one of them.StartISBACK is free for free, and even if you buy a full license, it costs $ 5 (about 550 yen).

But for those who want to do it for free, there is also an app called Centertaskbar, which specializes in the centering of app icon.According to WIRED, among the many functions of Windows 11, it is likely to be one option for those who just want to take the middle of the middle in the middle.

Snap layout

Although there was a function in Windows 10 for easy and clean apps, the Windows 11 snap layout function is more sophisticated, and if necessary, you will be able to divide the screen three or four.rice field.Each window has many options for placing it, including in the "snap zone".You can group the apps used at the same time, and always start up with the same arrangement together.

In Windows 10, you can only divide the screen in two or four, but there is a "snap function", and you can use the "Snap" item under "Multitask" in the "Settings> System".。With this feature, dragging the window to the edge or corner of the screen automatically fits perfectly to half or a quarter of the screen.However, if the screen resolution is low, it is not possible to split four parts.

If you want to snap more dynamically, you can use the Aquasnap app to allow three or more windows to be flexible and efficient.It is free for individuals, so if you use multiple apps in parallel, you may want to try it.

Android app on Windows 10

You can use Android apps on Windows 11!It was a breakthrough, but in fact, there was a way to use Android apps in Windows 10.The purpose of the Bluestacks app is to play Android games mainly on Windows, but it is also possible to take more ordinary tasks, for example, screenshots, or post to Instagram.Gizmodo reporter Florence Ion said that when using a printer, it is also via this Bluestacks.It's good to be able to work with your favorite UI without being tied to the device.

Bluestacks is free and easy to install Android apps.If you are already using Android, you don't have to find one app one by one, so you can log in with a Google account and download the app linked to the account from the Play Store.The only drawback is that Bluestacks is an Android Nougat emulation four years ago, so there is an incompatible app.Still, if you want to use an Android app a little while working on Windows, it's quicker to use Bluestacks.

Simple widget

Widgets are not much different from 10 years ago, but that wave is now coming.Windows 11 widgets are not special, so you have to upgrade and use it now!You don't have to be impatient.And there are many apps that can do the same.

Widget Launcher is an app that allows you to create a widget of your favorite design.There are all basic widgets such as a world clock and calendar, and there are also calculators and RSS feedwidets.The CPU monitor that shows how the memory is eaten is also useful.

RainMeter, the desktop customization tool, is open source, and its back has a hot community of artists and developers.Or Desktop Gadgets is a widget app designed by Microsoft once provided as a "gadget".

… And I have introduced how to do Windows 11 -like without putting Windows 11, but I will install it because it has already been released!I think some people think that.But before that, if you upgrade to Windows 11, you will lose something, so check it out!

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