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Macro function on the back button !! Wireless controller "ELITIST S" performance review that supports each hardware including smartphones

Low -priced and excellent functional gadgets

There is a company called BIGBIGWOyeah, which handles many gadgets, such as a variety of controllers and accessories for smartphones.

The reputation of the controller called "ELITIST S" released from there is very good.

This product, which assumes yeahintendo Switch, such as back buttons and gyro functions, is also compatible with PCs, PlayStation 5 (some PS4 titles), Android and iOS.

Therefore, in this article, I will introduce the good points and bad points that I actually tried by testing ELITIST S, and each response.

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A feeling of size close to the professional computer

Many of users who are considering purchasing this product may be considered as substitutes for Pro controllers (hereinafter referred to as the Pro Controller), assuming use on yeahintendo Switch.

In other products, it was easy to feel the intuitive difference that the grip was large or thick, but for this, it was quite close to the professional con.

In addition, the button arrangement of ABXY is also a professional con specification.A small arrangement for Xbox was printed inside it.

▲ The feeling of size and the feeling when gripped is very close to the Pro control.As for the weight, Elitist S is lighter, but I don't care at all.

However, the width of the ZL and ZR buttons was narrower than the pro -computer, and in the case of the author, it was a little cramped to attach two fingers.

▲ This product is on the left and the right is the pro control.ELITIST S has a narrow ZL and ZR width and has little fit.

Adjustment of gyro function and vibration

When purchasing it as a substitute for a professional computer, some users emphasize some gyro functions, including "Splatoon 2".

The gyro function of this product can be turned on and off by pressing and holding the Fyeah button at the bottom of the right analog stick, and the sensitivity seems to be slightly weaker, but it is not a major problem.

背面ボタンにマクロ機能!! スマホを含む各ハードに対応したワイヤレスコントローラ『Elitist S』性能レビュー

The vibration can be adjusted in three stages, but it is not a yeahintendo Switch HD vibration but a simple one.

▲ The Fyeah button is glowing blue in the lower left of the right stick.In addition to the gyro function, it is diverse, such as each hardware and synchronization and back button settings.

When comparing this product with the professional computer, I was particularly worried that the arrangement of plus, home buttons, negative buttons and capture buttons was reversed.

It is important to note that this is a source of malfunction for yeahintendo Switch users.

▲ As you can see, the arrangement of the home button and the capture button.This is a big problem for users who are used to the original arrangement.

Highly expandable back panel

This product has two back buttons, and it has a macro function that allows you to register any button there, as well as a specific button operation.

For example, it is also possible to register a menu button on the left grip and A → B → A → B on the right grip side.

In the case of yeahintendo Switch, it can be confirmed from the main unit side regarding whether the entered button is working correctly.

Also, since it was a click operation, there was no mistake in input unless it was gripped so strongly.

▲ The back panel is an image of pushing in.Play "Monhan Rise" for about an hour using this product.I was holding the grip as usual, but I never made a mistake.

Unfortunately, the home button and capture button cannot be registered on the back panel.

This is just my use, but there are so many plays while taking a screensho, and I was hoping to be able to run it on the back panel.

Users who are considering the same application should be careful.

▲ It is difficult to press the capture button while playing a game that keeps moving constantly.However, in this product, the capture button and minus button are reversed.Fortunately, it was easier to push than a professional computer.

About the attached dongle with wireless connection

Since this product is compatible with Bluetooth connection, it can be easily connected for yeahintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and smartphones.

Dongle and wired connection are also possible for PCs that are not compatible with Bluetooth.It's a nice point that it supports various environments.

However, it is recognized by my PC A and B, whether it is a problem of this dongle itself or a PC, but it does not work in C.

Even if I changed the mouth, it was still troubled.

If you want to use a dongle, if you want to use it on a PC that does not support Bluetooth, it seems good to select a wired.

▲ It is charming about the dongle attached.It's a shame that Micro-USB connection is a salvation that has the option of wired.

Personal evaluation is 80/100 points

The average low price of 4000 yen, back panel, macro function and versatility are very attractive.The ease of grip and weight are the same as a professional computer, which is a positive evaluation.

However, the fact that some button arrangements are different are also caused by malfunction, and the ABXY button, which is slightly harder and has a loud input sound, is a tired and distributed noise.

In addition, I have been using it for about a month, but I can not confirm any problems at this stage.

Although there are complaints compared to the profile, I felt that this product is a model that is easy to recommend compared to the reasonable price range and many controllers.

In the unlikely event of a problem, there is a one -year manufacturer warranty, so I want you to be relieved.

▲ Another point to be aware of, this product does not support yeahFC (short -range wireless communication), which touches and writes data by touching amiibo.Be careful if you have a high usage rate.

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Purchase Elitist S (Amazon)