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Perfect as an entry! Focus on the “all in” BT earphone “realme Buds Wireless Pro”

“realme” brand “all-in-one” wireless earphones In the current wireless earphone field, smartphone brands are the driving forces alongside audio brands. Wireless earphones are an indispensable companion item for smartphones, so it would be natural to develop them in-house. “realme”, which entered the Japanese market this time, is also a brand that develops both smartphones and wireless earphones. It specializes in smartphones in the entry price range, and has rapidly increased its market share worldwide, mainly in fast-growing markets such as India, and has solidified its presence.

"realme Buds Wireless Pro" 9,980 yen (tax included) Because it is such a momentum brand, the lineup of wireless earphones is also very substantial, but for the Japanese market, it is said that "selected elite" will be introduced. matter. The neckband style model "realme Buds Wireless Pro" introduced here is also the company's elite that was selected as one of them. It's quick, but let's first summarize the features and specs.・Noise canceling & external sound capture ・LDAC compatible ・13.6mm TPU+PEEK composite diaphragm dynamic driver ・Bass boost ・Up to 22 hours / 16 hours of noise canceling playback・Low-delay playback with game mode ・IPX4 waterproof ・Customization settings with the realme Link app (Android only) Almost all functions are included, including noise canceling, and the specs are also substantial. Since it is realized at a price of 9,980 yen (tax included), it is a product that has been attacked in that sense. Being compatible with LDAC, which is one of the few complete wireless earphones, is a big advantage. The length of continuous playback time is also an advantage of the neckband style. As this machine is "all-inclusive unique to non-perfect wireless", you will not feel dissatisfied with the lack of functions and specifications. ■Ensuring high noise canceling performance and ease of use Noise canceling is a feedback and feedforward method that uses microphones mounted on both the ear and the outside, resulting in high noise canceling performance. secure. I actually checked everything from the air conditioning in the room to the noise in front of the station, and I felt that the noise canceling performance in this price range had come to this level. Unless you're specifically looking for super-powerful noise cancellation, you'll be fine. The so-called transparent mode of capturing external sounds does not sound unnatural, and it is easy to hear the surrounding voices and sounds. And the operability aspect, which will greatly affect the comfort of everyday use, is also well organized. First of all, the power supply is turned on and off by attaching and detaching the housing that can be fixed on the left and right with magnets. With this method, each housing has a built-in magnet, which solves the problem of dangling the earphones when they are removed, which tends to be a concern with neckband types, while turning the power on and off naturally when attaching and detaching the earphones. Linked. I'm also happy that the trouble of pressing and holding the power button and mistakes such as forgetting to turn off the power are gone.

The perfect entry!