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[Review] Beyond Wired !? Final Listen to Complete Wireless "ZE3000" --AV Watch

The final wired earphone "E3000" released in 2017 has been evaluated for its price of about 5,580 yen and good sound quality and design, and it is a representative earphone of the company and has become a "standard of portable audio introductory earphones". Many people have heard it because it is also. Completely wireless, which was developed with the aim of "exceeding" such wired E3000, has appeared. final It is the first completely wireless "ZE3000" of its own brand.

The actual sale of the ZE3000 is around 15,800 yen, which is more expensive than the wired E3000. On the other hand, it can be said that it is a middle class price in the completely wireless. Was it really completely wireless and beyond wired? I actually listened to and compared these two models.

【レビュー】有線を超えるか!? final完全ワイヤレス「ZE3000」を聴く - AV Watch

As a feature of the wired E3000, a dynamic type unit with a diameter of 6.4 mm is adopted. The housing has a stainless mirror finish, and is a model that pursues "a powerful bass and high resolution. A wide sound stage like listening in a hall".

On the other hand, the completely wireless ZE3000 is Bluetooth 5.2 compliant, and the supported codecs are SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX Adaptive. The "f-LINK damping mechanism" that optimizes the pressure in the acoustic space inside the housing is adopted, and the housing is sealed to have a waterproof function, so the low range becomes excessive. Even with complete wireless, which tends to be completely wireless, it is said that it has realized "natural sound creation without creating an emphasized band" like the E3000.

The driver unit is a dynamic type. Developed a newly designed "f-Core for Wireless" that achieves ultra-low distortion. It is a unit that has reviewed everything from the manufacturing method in order to significantly reduce distortion.