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[Review] When I bought a Luxman 2ch amplifier from "Audio with AV amplifier", I was "surprised"-AV Watch

What kind of amplifier do you use when listening to music through speakers? For the past 24 years since I started to like audio, I've been playing it only with an AV amp. Realistically speaking, even if you buy a single speaker, it sounds like a small desktop audio amplifier or an AV amplifier.

Recent AV amps have a high level of music playback capability on the front 2ch, and are highly functional, such as being compatible with networks. I haven't had any major complaints about driving with an AV amp for a long time, but other systems are outdated and can't support the latest high-resolution format, so I wanted to boldly renew it.

Therefore, I bought an audio rack, introduced a new USB-DAC as a reference, and directly connected Soundgenic. Anyway, I thought I'd like to make the front speakers sound with a higher grade sound.

[Review] Audio with AV amplifier

Then it is a pre-main amplifier. Also, I would like to stretch my legs to the point of sticking my toes into the entrance of high-end audio. In the high-end world, there are products that cost several million yen, and even tens of millions of yen. Everyone has a different impression of the price, but high-end products are meaningful in that they exist as a dream world that you want to own someday, and they are indispensable for revitalizing the market and improving the performance of products.

I spent my twenties and thirties admiring the beautiful appearances and listening to the sounds at exhibitions where products from all over the world gathered. The amp I chose because I have longed for such a high-end world is one of the famous brands of domestic high-end pre-main amps. Luxman's pre-main amplifier is the most accessible standard model.