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Sony, "Wrapped in sound" 360 Reality Audio 2 models of wireless speakers | Mynavi News Mynavi News Mynavi

SRS-RA5000 (black)

The company has announced that it will launch a wireless speaker for 360 Reality Audio (Sanrokumaru Reality Audio, hereinafter 360RA) in conjunction with the "CES 2021" held in January, and the details are revealed.It is the form.

With a 360RA app for iOS/Android, anyone can experience the "realism of an artist in front of you" unique to the 360RA stereoscopic sound, and a newly streaming walkman "NW-A100 Series""NW-ZX500 Series" supports 360RA playback.Furthermore, by combining Sony 360RA -certified headphones, it optimizes the characteristics of individual ears and headphones, and states that "(360RA) experience can be upgraded".Details will be introduced in another article.

360 Reality Audio is a music experience realized by object -based spatial acoustic technology.At the time of the content production, the sound source such as vocals, chorus, instruments, etc. is attached to the sound source, and the sound source is moved on all (virtual) all balls (virtual) that spread to 360 degrees.By regenerating with compatible products, "you can enjoy the experience as if the artist is in front of you."

Unlike existing channel -based surround audio, it is characterized by adopting object -based acoustic technology to reproduce three -dimensional sound without being restricted to multiple speakers.Until now, Amazon's top smart speaker "Echo Studio" (released in 2019) supported the playback of 360RA sound sources distributed on Amazon Music, but Sony has two new 360RA compatible speakers.do.

The new product "SRS-RA5000" and "SRS-RA3000" are both adopted by all directional speaker systems and are equipped with a mechanism to expand the sound.Traditional Sony wireless speakers have realized ROOM-FILLING SOUND, which can experience the uniform sound quality anywhere in the room, but the RA5000/RA3000 has an existing speaker (existing speaker unit arrangement.Unlike the XB series), the feature is that the directivity of the sound is widened.By expanding the sound spot not only in the horizontal but also in the height direction, we provide an Ambient Room-Filling Sound that creates a "room wrapped in music with one speaker and a relaxed space".

ソニー、“音に包まれる”360 Reality Audio対応のワイヤレススピーカー2機種 | マイナビニュース マイナビニュース マイナビ

The SRS-RA5000 is about three upward speakers with a diameter of about 46 mm, three sideways speakers of the same size, and one subwoofer with a diameter of about 70mm..Built -in 1ch system.The speaker unit adopts a high magnetic neodium magnet and a unique "MRC (foam mica)" material to achieve a light, high rigidity, and has a moderate internal loss.Equipped with S-Master HX and supports high resolution.It is also possible to complement the high -frequency sound source by DSEE HX.The color is only black.

The SRS-RA3000 has a built-in omni diffuser that spreads sound throughout the room with a full range speaker with a diameter of about 80mm.It also built two upward beam tweeters and two passiveadiators that are released from the side by enhancing the bass.It is equipped with DSEE, but does not support high -resolution.The body is moisture -proof.Colors are available in black and light gray.

Sony's unique algorithm supports the "Immersive Audio EnhanceMent (IAE)" that makes the sound of stereo 2ch a sense of reality and expansion.By default, the function is turned on, and you can switch on/off by touching the "♪" button on the main unit.

It also has a sound calibration function, and it is said that the speaker itself measures the surrounding environment and automatically corrects the sound so that you can enjoy music in the optimal balance according to the individual viewing environment.The RA5000 can automatically measure and correct the environment when the power is turned on after purchase, and manually remove the environment.The RA3000 is automatically measured and corrected the environment during the regeneration, so it is necessary to re -set it to the room from the room to the room.

In addition, it has an automatic volume function, and the volume is automatically adjusted for each song.This makes it possible to avoid sudden changes in volume even if songs with different volume are played continuously.

It supports "Spotify Connect", which has a Wi-Fi function and plays Spotify music directly, and a Chromecast build-in that casts and plays music from a Chromecast app.It also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and can use your favorite voice assistant to play music.

Combined with a thin TV Bravia, the sound of the TV can be wirelessly played from RA5000/RA3000 via Bluetooth.The corresponding BRAVIA is the 2020 model A9S/Z9H/A8H/X9500H/X8550H/X8500H series.Bluetooth codec supports SBC and AAC.Only RA5000 is compatible with NFC, and can be paired with one touch with compatible devices.

Both operate by power supply from the included AC power adapter.The body size/weight is 235 x 225 x 329mm for SRS-RA5000 (width x depth x height)/about 4.9kg.SRS-RA3000 is 146 x 266 x 247mm (same)/about 2.5kg.