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The evolution of games surround headphones is amazing, ASUS "Rog THETA 7.1", JBL "Quantum One"

Although I purchased PS4's "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" and PC racing game "MotoGP 20", the FF was a lot of flirting with Tifa, and MotoGP is extremely difficult Moto3 class.It is around this time that it is smoldering at the bottom of the lowest, and it is difficult to proceed without the energy.In addition, the number of things that become "stacked games" is increasing more and more.I don't want to do this!

ゲーム用サラウンドヘッドフォンの進化がスゴイ、ASUS「ROG Theta 7.1」、JBL「Quantum ONE」

Salound headphones were the next target of the next greed.At first, I thought about combining a salound speaker with a PC, but the speaker set that uses the analog surround function with the built -in PC was in danger of extinction, and it was unlikely to be a future.There is a way to connect pass -through between AV amplifiers and HDMI, but the costs are exploded, so I focused on headphones that can be easily surrounded by decent investment.

Gaming headphones corresponding to surround, especially virtual surround, are appearing one after another in accordance with the excitement of the gaming market in the world.There are many headset types equipped with microphones as standard equipment, conscious of FPS -based games, which are sometimes played while voice chat with friends.Recently, it seems that the pattern of choosing such gaming headsets is increasing for video conferences in teleworking environments.

"It's a virtual, so it doesn't sound like a real surround speaker."ASUS "ROG THETA 7" from among relatively new flagship models, whether you can experience a really realistic surround..I decided to borrow two models, 1 "(actual sold around 3,000 yen) and JBL" Quantum One "(around 25,000 yen).

JBL「Quantum ONE」(左)とASUS「ROG Theta 7.1」(右)

In conclusion, both models have returned to the manufacturer, and now I feel "surrounding headphone loss" so that the willingness to play the game again drops.If you don't buy one early, you won't be able to enjoy the continuation of the flirting with Tifa, and you won't be able to meet Aeris.What do you do, at all ...