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Watch the 30,000 yen android tablet for 5G!I tried using SoftBank's "Lenovo Tab6"

Maximum descent 1.Middle class corresponding to 8Gbps 5G

 Lenovo Tab6 is 10.An Android 11 tablet equipped with a 3 type (1,920 x 1,200 dots, 60Hz drive) LCD display.The chipset is a middle class terminal with 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage, 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage.Softbank is the seller, and the terminal body price at the time of lump -sum payment is 36,720 yen.

10.3型液晶ディスプレイのAndroid 11タブレット今回試用したのはムーンホワイトのボディカラー

 The biggest point is that, as the chipset says "5G", it supports high -speed and low -delay 5G communication.Maximum downward 1 that far exceeds the conventional LTE (4G).8Gbps is realized, and large -capacity content can be used without stress.

 The chipset itself also seems to support faster millimeters (28GHz bands), but at this time Lenovo Tab6 is a frequency band called SUB-6.Speaking of the bands assigned to the SoftBank network, 700MHz/1 in Japan.7GHz/3.4GHz/3.It supports all of the 7GHz band.

5G対応で3万円台のAndroidタブレット見参!ソフトバンクの「Lenovo TAB6」を使ってみた

 Since LTE can communicate up to 695Mbps down, it can be used without any problems even in places where 5G is not connected.However, whether it is 5G or LTE, as of November 2021, there are still only some areas that can be communicated at these maximum speeds.It is undeniable for many people to invest in anticipation of future high -speed communication areas.

SoftBank 5Gサービスエリアマップ、新宿駅周辺。5G対応とされるピンク色や紫色のエリアは比較的広範囲に渡っているが、試した限りでは、実際に5Gで接続されることはまだそれほど多くない

 Another disappointment is that the wireless LAN has stopped to support Wi-Fi 5.This is inevitable because it comes from the specifications on the chipset side, but users who want to communicate faster with Wi-Fi 6 at home may not be enough.

 Even with Android smartphones, it is not unusual for models with 8GB or more memory, but there are few memory 4GB.If you use video content or frequently shoot photos and videos, the storage 64GB is now not a large capacity.However, for storage, a microSD card up to 2TB can be used, so it seems that it can be operated with some extra time.


 The body size is 158 x 244 x 8.The bezel is slightly thinner with 3mm (width x depth x height).The weight of about 498g is not light, but it is not too heavy, which is standard for a 10 -inch clusterbret.

 Tablet Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus (10).Compared to type 1), the whole bezel is thin, even though the display size is large, so the whole is slightly compact.Nevertheless, it also has waterproof and dedication performance of IPX3/IP5X, so there is no worry if it is a temporary use outdoors or in an environment where it rains.

充電ポートはType-C側面にイヤフォン端子を備える電源、ボリュームキーは本体上部に位置しているSIM装着状態で実測495gAmazon Fire HD 10 Plusより縦横サイズはコンパクト。さらに0.9mm薄い