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"Online" and "Real" link -Sony talks about the birth of wireless headphones



Linkbuds (gray)

 As previously reported, Sony will launch a new wireless headphone "Linkbuds" (WF-L900) on February 25.The estimated market price is around 23,000 yen (tax included, hereinafter).[Image] In this article, which is a sustainable product, Linkbuds will explain the details of Linkbuds, including the recital held on February 16.


Outline of Linkbuds

 Linkbuds is the biggest feature of having a structure that does not close the ears, and can hear the surrounding sounds even when the headphones are attached. When installing, use it in the ears of the ears called the collar, not directly in the ear hole. In terms of sound quality, in addition to the use of a ring type (12mm diameter) driver unit, it is equipped with the same "integrated processor V1" as the top model "WF-1000XM4" (estimated price 33,000 yen). It is said that a clear sound has been achieved by combining the "DSEE" that can be reproduced with a compressed sound source with a wide sound that is close to the original sound, compatible with the S / N ratio and the distortion suppression. Linkbuds also has a built -in microphone and can be used as a smartphone, tablet or PC wireless microphone. AI (artificial intelligence) created by analyzing more than 500 million samples by machine learning is equipped with an algorithm that separates the wearer's voice and the other environmental noise and clears the wearer's voice. There is. As a result, you can enjoy conversation without loud even in noisy places. The features such as "enjoy music while listening to the surrounding sounds", "can check the information by voice", and "do not close the ears" are "Xperia EAR" released by the former Sony Mobile Communications (now Sony) in April 2018. Similar to Duo. According to Sony's Home Entertainment & Sound Products Business Division, Mobile Product Division of Mobile Product Division, Director Hiroshi Ito, Linkbuds said, "There is no direct relationship with (Xperia Ear Duo), but cultivated in past products. That is being alive. " The difference between both products is largely in the structure of the driver unit. The Xperia Ear Duo had a driver behind the earlobe, and the sound was transmitted to the ear hole through the sound conductor. On the other hand, Linkbuds is integrated with driver units and diaphragms, making it a donut type. The sound of Linkbuds is "It's the same as a complete wireless earphone on the market" (Ito).


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