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5th edition of the supplement series "Meni supplement crocetin", a food with functional claims, is newly released.

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めにサプリシリーズ第5弾 機能性表示食品「めにサプリ クロセチン」新発売のご案内 企業リリース

Release issuing company: Menicon Co., Ltd.

Menicon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 3-21-19 Aoi, Naka-ku, Nagoya, President: Hidenari Tanaka) will release functional foods (* ¹) "Meni supplement (* ²) crosetin" in November 2020. We would like to inform you that the product has been on sale from the 20th of March. "Menicon supplement crocetin", a food with functional claims, has been reported to have the function of supporting eye focus adjustment, improving the quality of sleep, and relieving drowsiness and fatigue when waking up. This is the fifth product in the "Meni Supplement" series developed by Menicon with the concept of "supporting healthy and beautifully shining women from within the body". Crocetin is a member of β-carotene contained in carrots and lycopene of tomatoes (carotenoid), and has excellent "antioxidant power" to prevent rusting of the body. It is a yellow natural pigment (gardenia nut) used in. Gardenia and saffron have been used not only as natural colorants but also as crude drugs for a long time and have contributed to people's health. Therefore, crocetin, which is commonly contained in these herbal medicines, is considered to be a beneficial ingredient for health. With the widespread use of smartphones, the recent promotion of telework has led to further dependence on digital tools such as Web meetings, and it can be said that the social situation is becoming more demanding for "eye care" in order to stay healthy. increase. On the other hand, according to the survey results, the percentage of those who do not get enough rest due to sleep is 21.7% (n = 6,548), which is a significant increase from 2009 (* ³). ). And, 42.7% (n = 225) of women aged 20-29 years cited "being absorbed in mobile phones, emails, games, etc. before going to bed" as the cause of the hindrance to sleep. , 26.8% (n = 298) of women aged 30-39 years (* ⁴). Considering the changes in the environment caused by the recent shift to a new lifestyle, it can be said that effective sleep care is necessary from daily life. Therefore, while it is expected that more people are expected to improve "sleep quality" in addition to improving the "eye focus adjustment" function, the importance of "eye health" as a company involved in the eyes. We have developed a supplement containing "crocetin" as a functional ingredient. We would like you to try it for those who are concerned about their health, such as those who tend to have a biased diet due to the shift to a "new lifestyle", those who are busy and cannot afford to think about nutritional balance, and those who are living an irregular life. It is a supplement. In 2019, Menicon launched "Meni Supplement Bilberry", a food with functional claims, for those who are worried about focus adjustment and eye fatigue. Utilizing the technology cultivated from the development of contact lenses, we will continue to provide products from the life science research field and contribute to the promotion of people's health. ■ Product Overview Name: Information provider: PR TIMES Publisher of this release: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000174.000005623.html

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