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The reason why the "iPhone SE" is a very cheap batch of 1 yen, the regulated smartphone significant discount has been revived


 Recently, at mass retailers, the number of cases in which the second -generation iPhone SE, which costs around 50,000 yen, is increasing at a very low price, such as "1 yen," is increasing.Why can such a significant discount be realized despite the restrictions on terminal discounts due to the revision of the 2019 Telecommunications Business Law?

5万円台の第2世代iPhone SEが激安価格に

 A significant discount of terminals at mobile phone operators and mobile phone shops, which had long been discussed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for a long time.After various discussions and complicated progress, the Electric Communications Business Law was amended in 2019, and the communication fee and terminal price were completely separated.

 The terminal discount itself, which uses the communication fee as a source, is prohibited, and the discount amount of the terminal attached to the communication contract is limited to 20,000 yen excluding tax, and a certain settlement has been set up.It is being.

「iPhone SE」が激安の一括1円、規制されたスマホ大幅値引きが復活した理由

 But still, the government seems to be concerned about discounts on smartphones.Even in recent expert conferences, the so -called "terminal purchase program", which purchases a terminal with a long -term installment and returns it after a certain period of time, has actually led to a communication contract.There are quite a few voices that are alerted.

 As a result, discussions on terminal discounts are expected to continue in the future, but there have been events that are likely to be discussed recently over the terminal discount.At some mass retailers and mobile shops, several smartphones, such as the second -generation "iPhone SE", are several hundred to several thousand yen, for users who transfer with number portability.If so, there are cases where you sell at a very cheap price, such as 1 yen or 10 yen.

現在も通常5万円台で販売されている第2世代の「iPhone SE」だが、ここ最近特定プランの契約を条件に、一括1円など非常に安い価格で販売されているケースが目立つ(筆者撮影)[画像のクリックで拡大表示]

 At the time of writing (September 21, 2021), if you check the price of the 2nd generation iPhone SE (64GB model), the Apple Store is 49,800 yen and the mobile phone online shop is about 55,000 to 57,000 yen.It seems to be sold in.Although it is not an expensive category as a smartphone, it is around 30,000 yen even if a discount that focuses on the communication contract after the law amendment is applied, and it should not be sold for 1 yen.

 Nevertheless, it seems that many shops sell second -generation iPhone SEs at a major discount on weekends.Why is the shop selling terminals at such a cheap price, despite the discounts regulated due to the revision of the law?