Homephone case → Delicate zone care inspired by skin care "ANANNA Feminine care delicate zone care series" Pre-sale at crowdfunding site "CAMPFIRE" from Thursday, February 10 at 50% discount

Delicate zone care inspired by skin care "ANANNA Feminine care delicate zone care series" Pre-sale at crowdfunding site "CAMPFIRE" from Thursday, February 10 at 50% discount

Development history of the “ANANNA Delicate Zone Care Series” Many women in their 20s and 30s are worried about “physical problems” related to menstruation and menstruation. This product focuses on "dryness" and "moisture" that cause discomfort such as dryness and rough skin in the delicate zone. It is a product created from the developer's desire to have fun every day like skin care. This time, for customers who are worried about the delicate zone prior to the release, we would like you to pick up the "ANANNA Feminine care delicate zone care series" as soon as possible, at the crowdfunding site "CAMPFIRE (Campfire)". , From February 10th (Thursday) to March 15th (Tuesday), we have decided to sell a limited quantity of 50% discount. Project name: A new concept of skin care for the delicate zone. Recruitment period: February 10 (Thursday) to March 15 (Tuesday) URL: https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/537854 Return: ANNNA Feminine care Delicate We will deliver the zone care series 3-piece set at a special pre-sale price of 50% OFF. ◆Price: 4,290 yen (tax included) (Price: 8,580 yen (tax included) 50% OFF) *Shipping included ◆Limited to 1,000 sets ◆Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from March 22, 2022 (Tuesday) ◆Set contents: Wash (capacity 120mL) ), oil (capacity 30 mL), mist (capacity 30 mL)

ANANNA Feminine care delicate zone care series CAMPFIRE limited price 4,290 yen (tax included) limited to 1,000 sets

Delicate zone care inspired by skin care

■Product Features Aiming for a non-sticky feel while keeping the skin soft and moisturized, "ANANNA Feminine Care Mist" uses "Soft Capsule Emulsion® Technology*1". ===Features of ANNNA Feminine Care Mist that uses "Soft Capsule Emulsion® Technology"===We have prepared 3 products , , and that can be used according to changes in the body and the mood of the day. Use scene] Use the mist during the day and take care of it quickly in the toilet when you are concerned about it even when you are on the go. At the beginning of menstruation when the skin becomes more sensitive, gently wash with wash and moisturize with oil to prevent rough skin. This is the time when you are concerned about rough skin and dryness due to friction from sanitary products. It's a time when the skin is rough and dry, and the dirt that causes the smell is easy to come out. Rinse gently with a wash, and replenish moisture while refreshing care with the fragrance of the mist. Rinse with wash along with your daily body care. After bathing, use oil to keep your skin firm and shiny. Product Overview


◆Product name: ANANNA Feminine care Wash ◆Capacity: 120mL ◆Price: 2,750 yen (tax included) Mildly acidic gel-type cleanser for sensitive areas that reduces friction and gently cleanses. Contains 5 highly moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients "isomerized sugar", "ectoin", "sodium hyaluronate", "lecithin", and "honey", and the moisture continues even after rinsing.


◆Product name: ANANNA Feminine care oil◆Volume: 30mL◆Price: 3,850 yen (tax included) Permeable *2 luxury oil that leads to soft, firm and glossy skin in delicate zones where stuffiness tends to occur . Highly permeable*2, it contains 7 carefully selected oils*3 that care for rough skin and keep it moisturized, giving it a sticky finish that sticks to your skin.


◆Product name: ANANNA Feminine care Mist ◆Capacity: 30mL ◆Price: 1,980 yen (tax included) A portable mist that keeps you moisturized and clean, allowing you to quickly refresh yourself whenever you feel like it. Adopts Japan's first "Soft capsule emulsion technology*1" that locks in moisture and increases penetration*2, realizing a non-sticky, silky feeling while gently moisturizing. *1 Kanagawa University's proprietary three-phase emulsification method *2 Up to the stratum corneum *3 Argan oil, inca inch oil, meadowfoam oil, apricot oil, marula oil, rosehip oil, sunflower seed oil

Update your consideration for women. Healthy and vibrant. What is required for wellness should not only be the latest technology and knowledge, but also a delicate humanity. We believe so. Start a new habit for your wellness.

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