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ASCII.jp new plans such as AHAMO and POVO, sub brands, and cheap SIMs were selected for each need.

AHAMO / Povo / LINEMO and an online -dedicated plan of the 20GB of 20GB from the three major carriers appeared, and it seems that there will be more simple and easy -to -understand rates, but on the contrary, a characteristic plan features cheap SIMs.is doing.Although it is necessary to welcome the number of choices, it is also difficult for the selection side.

Therefore, I chose a plan that seems to be a great deal by main needs from each company.

"I'm staying at home and there are fixed lines, so it's cheap anyway." Rakuten Mobile, OCN, HIS Mobile

In recent social situations, many people are in a house with fixed lines, and many people want to make it cheaper because they rarely use data communication outside.

In terms of the cheapest, Rakuten UN-Limit, which costs 0 yen for up to 1GB a month, will be Rakuten Un-Limit.Moreover, for calls using the Rakuten Link app, the call fee is basically 0 yen.Even if it exceeds 1GB, the billing amount will gradually increase, and even if it is over 20GB, 3278 yen is limited.

Rakuten mobile for 0 yen if you do not use 1GB.However, there is an area problem

On the other hand, the weak point is that the area is narrow.Except for Rakuten's own network, roaming to au networks, but in some areas such as Tokyo, roaming has ended, so there are many places that are completely out of range.The Rakuten area itself is expanding at a high pace, so if there is no problem in your own range, it will be the best.

If you have some opportunities to go out, and if the area is enriched, it will be a cheap SIM of MVNO that can be used in areas such as docomo.There are many plans under 1000 yen, and if 1GB per month is enough, HIS Mobile "Cheap Step" is 590 yen and OCN Mobile ONE costs 770 yen.If you need about 3GB, HIS Mobile "Cheap Step" costs 790 yen and NURO Mobile costs 792 yen.

HIS Mobile's "Cheap Step" that has bitten into the cheapest gold band

NURO Mobile also costs less than 800 yen for 3GB plan

If it is a cheap SIM of MVNO, if you are concerned about the speed decrease during the congestion hours such as lunch break, the "mini plan" that has just appeared from SoftBank's LINEMO can use 3GB a month for 990 yen.Moreover, LINE talks and calls are not consumed.

ASCII.jp ahamoやpovoなどの新プランやサブブランド、格安SIMからオススメをニーズ別に選んだ

I often use online shopping, so I am glad that there are many benefits

As a result of the house, many people will use EC sites, but Y! Mobile is quite important for Yahoo service users such as Yahoo! Shopping, PayPay Mall, and Yahoo auction.

Y! Mobile's 3GB monthly plans "Simple S" is usually higher than the cheap SIM of MVNO, but Yahoo! Premium for 508 yen per month is free, and the benefits of Yahoo! Shopping and PayPay Mall are usually.Sometimes it can be more positive than Yahoo! Premium users.In the past PayPay campaigns, Y! Mobile users have great benefits.

Y! Mobile contractor is free Yahoo! Premium is rich in benefits such as points up and various content.The EC site also has coupons for Y! Mobile contractors.

If you join the "ENJOY pack" of 550 yen a month with the Y! Mobile option, the point redemption rate will be added in addition to the 500 yen coupon every month.If you are a heavy user on the Yahoo EC site, you can expect points that are more than Y! Mobile.

Speaking of cooperation with EC sites, Rakuten Mobile.Just subscribing to Rakuten Mobile will increase points by 1 % when shopping at Rakuten Ichiba, but the size of the benefits will still be Y! Mobile.

In addition, the 3GB plan of Y! Mobile has a slightly expensive feeling, but the 15GB plan M approaches the price of a new plan of the three major carriers, 3278 yen.In Y! Mobile, the surplus communication volume has been carried forward for the next month in August, so it is more convenient than a new plan of the three major carriers without carrying over.

I want to use a smartphone cheaper with my family

Even if you make it cheaper with your family, it is often the case that each of them is more likely to find a cheap plan that suits you and join rather than a plan that shares the traffic.The main plans of the three major carriers also join their favorite plans, and shifts in the direction of receiving discounts according to the number of families.

Nevertheless, there is an example of a communication share type.For example, Giga Plan is the main plan of IIJmio.You can share the communication volume included in each SIM in the group that can be made by contracting with the same ID.

IIJMIO "Giga Plan" allows you to share each traffic in the same group

Specifically, if you use 10GB per month, and two lines that use only 0.5GB per month.If you sign up separately with "Giga Plan", the contract of 15GB + 2GB x 2 will be 3564 yen (1848 + 858 + 858), but if you use this share function, a 4GB x 3 contract will be cheaper to 3234 yen.It is likely that the degree of meek will increase when there is a sub -line with extremely low communication.

If there is a point to pay attention to in IIJmio "Giga Plan", it is necessary to have a contract with the same ID as described above.In other words, the name is the same, and the payment is the same.It may be a bit troublesome when moving out by MNP in the future.

The communication share is also possible with OCN Mobile ONE.This means that you can add a side -like SIM that can share the communication volume of the main line.It is possible for 572 yen per line.

Y! Mobile is a large discount by family discounts based on a multi -line contract.There is a large discount of 1188 yen discount from the second line.Family discounts on MVNO's cheap SIM include 220 yen discount per month from the second line of BIGLOBE Mobile, and 55 yen discount for each of mineo.

In Y! Mobile, the family discount is 1188 yen per month after the second line.3 lines, 4 lines increased, the more adventurous