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[Mercedes Mybach GLS] The highest peak SUV full of luxurious equipment, the price is 27.29 million yen

Mercedes-Benz Japan announced the Mercedes-Mybach brand's first SUV "GLS 600 4 Matic" (Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC).The price is 27.29 million yen only for the left handle.

Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC has made a thorough improvement suitable for Mercedes Mybach, based on the new Mercedes -Benz, which has a strong body size and excellent driving performance.The four -seater is a standard specification, and the rear seats are moved to 120mm behind the base model and 30mm inside to achieve a space.Finished as a model that embodies the ultimate luxury SUV.

Dignified but stylish and powerful styling

The front desk uses a bonnet mascot with the only "Three Pointed Star" in the Mercedes -Benz SUV.In the front grill, three -dimensional trim runs vertically, and the chrome part of the center is engraved with "Maybach".The chrome -finished air intake has a modest appeal of the powerful power of the V8 engine and a cooling function in the engine room.

In the side view, the chrome -finished B pillar is eye -catching, and the size of the rear seat space over the C pillar can be recall from the appearance.The roof rail also has both functions and beauty as a high -groom finish.Aluminum wheels are the maximum of 23 inches of Mercedes -Benz, which uses a multi -spoke design with a polished finish with a motif of the front grilled pin stripe.

The rear is two chrome trims running on the lower part of Three Pointed Star and the upper rear bumper, expressing a horizontal design.The underguard at the bottom of the bumper and the left and right exhaust ends are high -groomed, making it a neat rear area.Mercedes Mybach GLS 600 4 Matic

Combine luxury interior, digital technology and luxury material

The interior is a luxurious space that combines digital technology and high -quality materials.The dashboard and steering are covered with nappa leather, and the louver of the air outlet is chrome decorative.When the ignition is turned on, a graphic with the character of "Maybach" and a special color scheme emerge.

The combination of 5 types of wood -intererry trim and three types of interior colors (black, mahogany brown/makit beige, crystal white/silver gray) can be selected.Crystal White/Silver Gray has a motif of a luxury yacht boat, and piping rose gold on white leather is one of the details exclusively for Mercedes Mybach.

The box pleated processing along the center line of the seat is also one of the highest craftsmanship expressions.The dent is put in the center of the genuine leather seat surface, and the left and right parts are folded into each other to make them a smooth and wide seat surface, so that it fits according to the shape of the back and expands the load area so that you can sit comfortably.。In addition, an interior wood trim is also arranged on the back of the front seat backrest, which can be seen from the rear seat, adding beauty and luxury.Mercedes Mybach GLS 600 4 Matic

【メルセデスマイバッハ GLS】豪華装備満載の最高峰SUV登場、価格は2729万円

Improve getting on and off with an electric storage type running board

Although it is a luxury model, the hip point is high like SUV.Compared to the sedan S class, it is 250mm or more in the driver's seat and 280 mm higher in the rear seats, but it adopts a dedicated electric storage type running board to enhance the getting on and off.

The entire length of the running board is 206cm, and the lower part of the rear door is widely secured.A rubber strip is placed on the surface that is made of aluminum and is hard to slip on the surface.Since it is hidden inside the side skirt in the storage state, it is almost invisible from the outside, and it is stored 45 degrees toward the center of the vehicle body, so a sufficient ground clearer is secured.

When any door is opened, the running board appears with an aluminum die -cast electric arm and is set in a horizontal state.It takes about 1 second to draw the door handle to the running board to the predetermined position.If the surroundings are dark, in addition to the ambient light of the door, the LED band with a built -in side skirt illuminates the running board.When the door is opened, the airmatic suspension loweres the vehicle height by 25 mm, but the running board is closer to the road surface, so the getting on and off is improved.Equipped with a dedicated sensor, it stops automatically when it comes into contact with any obstacle.Mercedes Mybach GLS 600 4 Matic

All seats for relaxation functions

The base GLS three -row seats are arranged in two rows, and the rear seats are placed 120mm behind the GLS.Created a leg space with plenty of time.The normal angle of the rear seat backrest is 27 degrees, but a 1020mm head clearance is secured.Furthermore, as in the Mercedes -Mybach S class, it can be reclined up to 43.5 degrees, creating a relaxing space.In addition, a fixed partition with a parsel shelf is installed at the back of the rear seat.The living space and the luggage space are separated.

Equipped with a large cooling box with a dedicated champagne glass storage part and three 750cc champagne bottles in the rear seats.A cup holder with a temperature adjustment function is placed on the center console.In front of the nappa leather armrest, it is equipped with an MBUX rear tablet on the 7 -inch screen that can operate all of the comfortable function.The monitor of the MBUX rear entertainment system is also placed on the left and right of the rear seats, so you can enjoy various content with the rear seat.The relaxation function is standard equipment for all seats.Each backrest has 10 points to apply pressure to the body, and it is possible to press pressure while warming up with a seat heater.

Further, noise reduction tires, front and side windows use sound insulation glass.High quiet and ideal audio room.The standard blemester high -end 3D surround sound system has 27 high -performance speakers, 24 -channel amplifiers, and a total output of 1590W to achieve excellent quality sound.In addition, it has a two -way car -in -car communication system that supports conversations between front and rear seats.

In addition, it is equipped with the interactive infotainment system "MBUX" and the telematics service "Mercedes Me Connect".Mercedes Mybach GLS 600 4 Matic

E-active body control that reads the road surface status

The suspension adopts "e-active body control".A 48V -compatible actor is added to each of the four wheels based on the airmatic suspension, and the damping force of the spring rate and damper is individually controlled.In addition, it is equipped with a "road surface scan" that monitors the undulation of the front road with a stereo camera and prepares the damper damping force.It is appropriately attenuated from the initial input to the tire, and provides a flat ride without conveying the vibration as much as possible on the spring.Further, the dynamic curve function is corrected to correct the inclination on the rolling of the roll at the time of cornering and to be horizontal.

In off -road mode, it is equipped with an escape function to help you get out when stacking on a dunes.The suspension repeats traction by repeating the operation of increasing and lowering the four wheels individually, and increasing and decreasing the load on the tires to the ground.In addition, when driving at high speed, the body is reduced by 15 mm to reduce air resistance and to improve the stability, and control the vehicle height by 25 mm to make it easier to get on and off at less than 30 km/h.Mercedes Mybach GLS 600 4 Matic

4.0 liter V8 twin turbo + ISG, system maximum output is 558ps

The powertrain is a unit that combines a 48V electrical system and ISG for the 3982cc V 8 -cylinder twin turbo engine "M177".The maximum system is 558ps and the maximum torque is 730 nm.ISG can also instantly generate 22ps/250 nm mooling power.

One of the major features is to suspend a cylinder in a low -load range.If "Comfort" is selected in dynamic selection, four cylinders will be pause in the 800-3250 rpm area.As soon as the accelerator is stepped on, it returns to combustion operation immediately.Switching between 4 -cylinder and 8 cylinders is smooth, and comfort is not impaired.In addition, the secondary vibration generated in four cylinders is reduced by providing a pendulum -type damper.

The transmission uses a wide shifting ratio of 9G-Tronic, and has always achieved comfortable driving performance without increasing the engine speed more than necessary.The 4 -wheel drive system "4 Matic" varies from 0:100 to 100: 0 before and after, depending on the driving status.