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What about Toyota genuine display audio? [Sound unit setting method]

This series is trying to clarify the fun of car audio and the value of car audio pro shops while introducing various theories and poops related to the installation of car audio equipment. First of all, I will explain various things about the installation of the "main unit".

By the way, from this time onward, we will present the genuine display audio of Toyota cars as the theme. From the tips to enjoy this further, we will explain whether or not it can be exchanged, and precautions when it can be exchanged.

First of all, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this to drivers who are considering purchasing Toyota cars.

By the way, genuine display audio of Toyota cars is premised on linking with smartphones. In other words, "Apple CarPlay" and "android auto" can be used, and the corresponding smartphone application can be conveniently operated on the display audio screen. For example, the map of the navigation application can be displayed on the screen, and the destination can be set by touch operation on the screen of the in-vehicle device. You can also operate music apps and music streaming apps on the display. Thus, "comfortably using the smartphone app in the car" is the first advantage to mention.

In addition, the price can be reduced because it is not necessary to install a navigation function or a CD mechanism. This is also a big advantage.

トヨタ純正ディスプレイオーディオって、どうよ?[サウンドユニット セッティング法]

By the way, even when connecting a music app or music streaming app via Bluetooth, basic operations such as song forwarding can be performed on the in-vehicle device, but not all the functions of the app can be operated. On the other hand, with "Apple CarPlay" and "android auto", almost all the functions of the app can be operated on the screen of the in-vehicle device. In that sense, it is more convenient than Bluetooth.

So, for those who think that "navigation is good with a smartphone app" and for drivers who "use a smartphone app when listening to music while driving", Toyota's genuine display audio is all good.

However, people who are accustomed to using high-performance commercial navigation tend to be dissatisfied with the usability of the navigation application. Display audio is also unpopular with people who want to enjoy video content in the car. That's because "Apple CarPlay" and "android auto" are basically not compatible with video apps. Besides, it is not equipped with an external input terminal, let alone an HDMI terminal. This is probably because it is judged that there is no need to connect to anything other than a smartphone. Therefore, it is not possible to mirror the smartphone or connect external devices other than the smartphone.

In other words, "navigation is limited to smartphone apps" and "it is difficult to enjoy video content" are the disadvantages of Toyota car genuine display audio.

Therefore, navigation, CD player, terrestrial digital tuner, etc. are available as options. Of course, you can use them, but ...

This time, I will end here. Next time, I will introduce each of these disadvantages. looking forward to.