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A new generation earphone "Tinhifi T2000" X that can be used for both wired and wireless for MMCX


✅ Realize a true Hi-Fi sound without compromise by free idea and design

✅ Fast charge, low delay

✅ UV disinfecting system case

In recent years, the development of TWS earphones has been thriving, but it is also true that there are many dissatisfaction at the time of use, such as compromise of sound quality due to technical factors.The Tinhifi T2000 is a TWS earphone that offers unmatched sound quality when used as a wired in -ear monitor.

Inspired by many ideas from audio fans, we worked on the ultimate True Wireless (TWS) earphone for about 12 months based on our own Tinhifi T series lineup.This product, which has been completed after a long R & D, provides a deep immersive feeling to all users, from Hi-Fi audio fans to runners.In addition, a UV disinfecting system is installed in the charging case so that it can be used for hygiene every time.

The TinHifi T2000 uses dual dynamic drivers and crossover technology to fuse the power and details of 9mm and 8mm Nichinol diamond drivers.Nichinol diaphragm is a customization that combines nickel and titanium to create super -high -speed response required for clear and transparent sounds.

This technology provides sound performance that is not possible with a normal dynamic driver, achieving a faster sound than a special beryllium coating driver.In order to demonstrate each driver's performance, a passive crossover network that separates frequency is implemented, providing seamless and consistent listening.

✅ Putable cable can be used for either wired/wireless ✅8mm Nichinol diamond framed dynamic driver (high range)

✅9mm Nichinol diamond dynamic driver (low -frequency & medium range)

✅ High -speed charging support

✅600mah battery

Ergonomic design

✅ UV disinfecting charging case

The TinHifi T2000 is produced to provide a completely new level of listening experience while pursuing the comfort and degree of freedom of TWS earphones.The option to switch between wireless mode and wired mode also responds to the needs that many audio enthusiasts are enjoying music with their favorite players.

Continuous playback on TWS earphones can be used for 4 hours and 600mah quick charging battery case, up to 16 hours of playback, so you can enjoy wireless listening at any time.In addition, the earphone uses an MMCX connector, so you can enjoy music without worrying about running out of battery by using the included MMCX 4 -core OCC cable or your MMCX cable.

Enjoy the music in the way you want, anytime, anywhere.The choice is up to you.

The Tinhifi T2000 is made by focusing on excellent sound quality.The T -series lineup has T1, T2, T2 Pro, T3, T4, P1, and has been praised by audio enthusiasts around the world.The TinHifi T2000 is a successor to these lineups and is equipped with a dual dual dynamic driver composed of Nichinol diaphragm, a revolutionary material.

The nickel/titanium driver has a smooth and excellent acoustic characteristics of metal, providing a different sound from other drivers.although it costs money, we have adopted two drivers to achieve the ideal acoustic characteristics.The 9mm driver emphasizes vocal textures with deep, powerful bass and smooth medium tones.The 8mm driver has a transparent and transparent treble, attracting all the details of music.

Unlike other TWS earphones, we have specially designed an acoustic chamber that creates a lively sound image from two drivers.

The T -series in -ear monitor has its own high -level manufacturing standards.Our team has been working hard to guarantee the best build quality so that Tinhifi T2000 lasts longer under any weather conditions.

Not to mention the driver.Excellent high -fyodio requires digital analog chips to supply power to speakers.The CSR DaC chipset is implemented in Tinhifi T2000 to provide a clear and clear sound.RTL8763BFP Bluetooth 5.0 Chipset achieves a seamless listening experience without delay.

The charging case equipped with a quick charging and built -in UV disinfecting system can store the included MMCX cable.The case is easy to fit in your pocket and has excellent portability.

Earphones are designed from the ear shape so that all curves fit the outline of the ear to prevent falling and discomfort.Even if you walk around, run, or dance, you can stay in your ears comfortably, and you can enjoy music all day without worrying about falling.

Equipped with a powerful 600mah battery.We support 4 hours of continuous playback with one charge.Supports high -speed charging and supports 3 to 4 hours of music playback with 20 minutes charging.You can fully enjoy music with a small number of charging times.

It is full of viruses and bacteria that cause illness around us, and the earphones to be heard are no exception.UV disinfecting systems are installed because there are many cases that show the relevance of earphones, ear infections, and allergic reactions.There are 6 charging cases.Use 5w light to irradiate 365 nm ultraviolet rays throughout the case.Every time you charge your earphones, you will be clean and sterilized, so you can enjoy music with confidence.

Press once to clip for quick disinfecting

Press twice to disinfect medium strength

Press 3 times to remove deep

Tinhifi T2000

Company a

Company L

P company

Built -in UV eradication system

0.5W UV light x6/ 365nm

UV cleaning

UV cleaning cycle


600mah +high -speed charge




Playback time

4 hours

(In TWS mode)

5 hours

6 hours

6 hours











Bluetooth version





[Delivery content]

・Tinhifi T2000本体

・ Dedicated charging case

・ MMCX cable (1).2m)

・ Eearpiece (made of silicon) Single and double flange

・ USB-C cable (0).3m)

Prior to the campaign, the earphone headphone specialty store "E ☆ earphone" PR staff "Hama -chan" reviewed the sample!

* It will be a review by wired connection

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【クラウドファンディング中!】有線(MMCX)と無線を使い分けるTWS!Tinhifi T2000 実機レビュー!

In addition, during the campaign period, actual machines are exhibited at each E ☆ earphone store (akihabara store, Nagoya Osu store, Umeda EST store, Osaka Nihonbashi main store)!

June 2019

Ideas are born and prototype starts

Conceptual design, prototyping/technical test.Completed the first generation prototype and released.

September 2019

Develop a 2nd generation prototype

Sound test, Bluetooth development, ultraviolet disinfecting case test/development

 MMCX対応で有線とワイヤレスのどちらも使える新世代イヤホン『Tinhifi T2000』 X

November 2019

Chipset test, drive material upgrade, Improvement of human engineering design

さまざまなチップセットの中から最適なオプションをテスト、 人間工学に基づいた設計を改善して外出先での日常の使用ニーズに合うように設計。 デュアルダイナミックdriverをニチノールダイヤフラムにアップグレード。

March 2020

Start preparing for mass production while adjusting the final sample

June 2020

appeared in Green Funding

ここ数年間の間に世界中でエボラ出血熱、MERS、COVID-19パンデミックの発生があり、これらの疾病は健康がいかに重要かを私達に考えさせました。Tinhifi T2000の最初のアイデアは2019年中ごろに生まれ、独自に健康面をサポートできるように考案されています。


さらに、全ての人の手に届くよう、価格を可能な限り低く設定させていただきました。本製品が皆様を安全性、健康面でサポート出来れば幸いです。過去に手掛けた製品であるT2、T2 Pro、T3、P1は価格以上の価値があるとオーディオファンから多くの賞賛をいただいています。大量生産の為の準備も進んでおり、可能な限りできるだけ早くTinhifi T2000をお届けいたします。

Q. Tinhifi T2000はandroid/iPhoneで使用できますか?

a.はい。Tinhifi T2000は、あらゆる種類のBluetoothデバイスと互換性がありiPhoneやその他のスマートフォンとのペアリングも簡単です。他のBluetoothヘッドフォン同様、Bluetooth経由で接続するだけで使用できます。

Q.How much is the retail price?/ SUPER EaRLY BIRD How to get it at the price?

a. Tinhifi T2000の小売価格は日本では12,800円(税込)です。 先着順で限定のSuper Early Birdパッケージを提供します。 サイドバーからご希望の特典を選択してお買い求めください。

[About the manufacturer TIN HIFI]

TIN HIFI has been involved in a global HIFI acoustic equipment OEM/ODM industry for many years.And in 2017, we launched "TIN HIFI" as our own brand.

Our vision is to provide an environment where all users can enjoy a better Hi-Fi acoustic experience in a price range that is easy to pick up.A breathtaking sound quality with the reliable technique of skilled craftsmen.We aim to be a daily experience, not a luxury for some people.

A long time ago, China had formed three tone systems that define three types of sounds.

One is Tenrai (sound from heaven) or old koto (Chinese tweeter genus)

The second is the ground (natural sound) or the sound of the earth (the sound of the bird, the babbling of the river, the sound of the waves of the ocean, etc.)

The third is Kon song (human voice)

In order to achieve truly groundbreaking audio quality, we are always challenging how to accurately reproduce these three basic sounds.

[About TM Network Co., Ltd.]

株式会社TMネットワークは、「卸でデザインする会社」です。イヤホン・ヘッドホンを中心としたエンターテイメントを楽しむ商品の卸売事業をはじめ、ポタフェスやe☆イヤ本の発行などのイベント企画・運営、メディア・PR事業や、コラボレーション商品開発などを行っています。今回はRaKUNEW事業部がTINHIFIを擁するLINSOUCompany Lの代理店として、日本におけるプロジェクトの進行と支援者様のサポートを行って参ります。