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"I can hear you! I can hear the song!" I heard a grandmother who was surprised at the unexpected effect of a hearing loss with a noise canceling earphone.

An elderly grandmother who had a distant ear and couldn't enjoy his favorite "music" and "TV".She came up with her, and she lent her favorite noise canceling earphones.Then, "I can hear you! You can hear the song!"

"My grandma, my ears are far away from around 80, and it was difficult to talk 90 before. I left because I couldn't hear the radio or TV I loved. My noise cancellation was somehow yesterday.I put on the ring earphone. So I tried playing the enka [Continue] "

"I say" I can hear you! I can hear the song! "And then I put on my earphones, listen to the radio, watch enka, watch movies by connecting to the iPad, and enjoy a lot of noise.Natsuki Natsuki (@Sea_monkey7), who tweeted one photo on Twitter, tweeting, saying, saying that I can hear it in Noi Can because I couldn't hear it because I couldn't hear it. "What appeared there was a grandmother listening to the "song" heard from the earphones!

"In the story that my grandmother experienced this time, I don't know the scientific basis and medical basis."Is very important, "said Natsuki.However, a lot of real voices from those with families in the same situation were sent to her grandchildren's compassion and ideas that brought her grandmother with a smile.

"If my mother was alive in this era, I wanted to buy it first." "If the hearing loss is not broken, the surrounding sounds can be heard in the same sound.It makes sense to say that you can hear it if you get rid of the sound. "" If you give a mobile phone with bone conduction to your grandparents who have earned ears, the phone will be made well. "

Of course, the hearing aids that support the support of "conversation" as a proposition, and the noise canceling earphones for listening to music, etc. are completely different.Natsuki states, "This is the story that my grandmother experienced this time, and I don't know the scientific basis and medical basis."

Natsuki's grandmother was also inspected at the hospital and made a hearing aid.However, her hearing aids did not fit, she gradually stopped using it, and she became more likely, so she wanted to get her grandmother somehow.We talked to Natsuki about the "grandmother's smile" brought by the kindness of such grandmother's grandson.

I can hear it!You can hear the song!

-In Natsuki's blog, the grandmother was sang after saying that he could hear the song.The family was surprised by the situation.

"When I started singing, I took the rhythm by hand like a conductor and sang while smiling. I didn't feel like I heard it thanks to the earphones, but just listen to the music.I seemed to be happy with what I said. "

ー ー Why try an earphone with noise cancellation function this time?

「I can hear it!You can hear the song!」ノイズキャンセリングのイヤホンで難聴の祖母が笑顔に 思わぬ効果に驚く孫に聞いた

"I am hypersensitive and I use no -cans because the noise around me can be heard. I remember that my grandmother had previously said," If you attach a hearing aid, it is noisy and you can't hear it. "With the noise canceling function, I wondered if I could only hear the sound I wanted to hear by erasing the noise.There is also

-I'm a grandmother ...

"Originally a grandmother is a bright and positive person, but I couldn't see it because of the discovery of colorectal cancer and became ostomates, or because of the two weeks of hospitalization and corona.

-The model tested this time is Natsuki's favorite Anker's "Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro".In the future, we are considering using a "wired" noise canceling earphone, taking into account the fact that it can be connected to a TV or radio, the trouble of charging, and the possibility of loss.

"I'm going to buy a variety of models before purchasing. I have never used the bone conduction type, so I'm going to try it at the store."

-What is your grandmother after that?

"After listening to the song and enjoying the song, I wanted to hear the radio, so I asked the app. I heard a new song on the radio," Is this song popular? ""I don't like it." "This is a good song." I was actively speaking from myself. Now I'm addicted to seeing the historical drama YouTube on a tablet (laughs).Perhaps because I couldn't hear it properly, I enjoyed the story of "The voice is different, but the actors are still cool."

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This is what Natsuki's grandmother experienced, and there is no medical and medical basis.In addition, the earphones for music ornaments do not provide support to listen to "conversation".If you have symptoms such as hearing loss, please consult a medical institution properly and be sure to consult a doctor.

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