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Shielding Your Phone Screen: Effective Tips For Protection And Durability

In our modern digital age, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. From communication to productivity, our reliance on these devices is ever-growing. One crucial component that demands attention is the phone screen. Protecting it from scratches, cracks, and other damages not only preserves the device's aesthetics but also ensures optimal functionality. In this article, we will explore practical tips on how to protect your phone screen and enhance its longevity.

Shielding Your Phone Screen: Effective Tips For Protection And Durability

1. Invest in a Quality Screen Protector

Applying a screen protector is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your phone screen from scratches, smudges, and minor impacts. There are various types of screen protectors available, including tempered glass and film protectors. Tempered glass protectors offer superior durability and clarity, while film protectors are more budget-friendly. Choose a screen protector that is specifically designed for your phone model to ensure a perfect fit and maximum protection.

2. Use a Sturdy Phone Case

Pairing your screen protector with a reliable phone case provides comprehensive protection for your device. Phone cases come in different materials, such as silicone, TPU, or hard plastic, each offering varying levels of impact resistance. Opt for a case that provides a raised bezel or edge to protect the screen when the device is placed face down. A well-fitted, shock-absorbing case acts as a buffer, absorbing impact during accidental drops or bumps.

3. Avoid Placing the Phone with the Screen Down

To prevent scratches and potential damage, develop the habit of placing your phone with the screen facing upward or on a soft surface. Avoid placing it in the same pocket or bag as sharp objects like keys or coins, as they can easily scratch the screen. By being mindful of how you handle and store your phone, you can significantly reduce the risk of screen damage.

4. Be Cautious with Cleaning

Cleaning your phone screen is important to maintain its clarity and touch sensitivity. However, it's crucial to use the right cleaning methods to avoid causing damage. Avoid harsh cleaning agents like alcohol, ammonia, or abrasive cleaners as they can strip away the screen's oleophobic coating or scratch the surface. Instead, use a microfiber cloth or specialized screen cleaning wipes designed for electronic devices. Gently wipe the screen in a circular motion to remove smudges and fingerprints.

5. Keep Your Phone Away from Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can negatively impact the integrity of your phone screen. Avoid exposing your device to excessive heat or cold for extended periods. High temperatures can cause the screen to warp or the adhesive to weaken while freezing temperatures can make the screen more brittle and prone to cracking. It's best to keep your phone in a moderate-temperature environment to ensure its longevity.

6. Be Mindful of Pocket Storage

When storing your phone in your pocket or bag, make sure it is not in close proximity to items that can potentially scratch the screen. Consider using a dedicated pocket or compartment for your phone to prevent accidental damage. If you prefer carrying your phone in a bag, choose a separate compartment or use a protective pouch to keep it safe from sharp objects or other potential hazards.

7. Consider Insurance or Warranty Protection

Despite your best efforts, accidents can happen. To provide an extra layer of protection, consider purchasing HONOR 90 smartphone or other models with screen protection insurance, or extending the warranty for your phone. Insurance plans can offer coverage for accidental damage, including screen replacements, giving you peace of mind in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Shielding Your Phone Screen: Effective Tips For Protection And Durability


Protecting your phone screen is crucial for ensuring its longevity and usability. By investing in a quality screen protector, using a sturdy phone case, practicing careful storage and cleaning, and being mindful of potential risks, you can effectively shield your phone screen from scratches, cracks, and other damages. Remember, prevention is key, but in the event of damage, seek professional assistance or explore insurance options to restore your device to its optimal condition. With these proactive measures, you can enjoy a pristine and durable phone screen for a long time to come.