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"ALADDIN MIC" that can be karaoke with "Popin Aladdin".Released only for 1000 units



(Photo: Phile Web)

「popIn Aladdin」でカラオケができるマイク「Aladdin Mic」。1000台限定で発売

Popin has launched a karaoke microphone "Aladdin Mic" compatible with the lighting -integrated projector "Popin Aladdin 2" and "Popin Aladdin SE" on December 27. Limited quantity of 1000 units, the price is 9800 yen (2 pieces/tax/shipping included). A microphone that can enjoy karaoke by inserting a USB dongle from a first -year elementary school boy who has triggered the development into a compatible Popin Aladdin terminal and connecting it to Aladdin Mic. Music and singing voices are output from Popin Aladdin terminals, appealing that they can achieve realistic karaoke experiences at home. The company explained that one letter received from a first -year elementary school boy in July 2021 was about the background of the release of this product. He received a letter such as "I want to do karaoke at home with my grandpa" and started developing immediately. It is said that this has been released. As for the scenes used, there are examples such as using the YouTube and Spotify app on the Popin Aladdin itself, mirroring the smartphone karaoke application on AirPlay, and connecting to home game consoles karaoke applications in "Aladdin Connector". It is currently being developed for a karaoke app dedicated to Aladdin Mic that can be used in Popin Aladdin.

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