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News [Dr. Copa's feng shui] What is the wallet to improve your fortune in 2022!?

The wallet is a money house.The high -quality leather long wallet that can keep the bills comfortably without bending is the same in 2022.In addition, if you get the yellow color, bright brown, gold, etc., you can get further lucky colors!? Dr.Copa's popular good luck 2022

Feng Shui's leader, DR.According to Copa, unlike denim and clocks, which have the concept of vintage, wallets have a standard for feng shui period, which should be renewed in about three years.If you exceed that, your fortune will be lost.Furthermore, "Lucky color changes every year, so it is better to buy a new one in the New Year.".Copa.Then, in 2022, what are the effective wallets that are effective for raising fortune and good luck?It is four colors of gold.In addition, a high -quality leather long wallet that can rest your bills without bending is good.So, I carefully selected the 2022 version of the lucky wallet!

■ Larcobaleno / Vivid Yellow is the key to good luck!

▲ [W20 × H11 × D2.3cm] 49,500 yen / Larcobaleno

ニュース 【Dr.コパの風水術】2022年に金運アップする財布は!?

If you are looking for a high -quality but high -quality color wallet, you can't remove it.Alrun, a famous French tanner, has a good colored gote leather body with all 13 colors, and here is a 2022 gold luck UP color, yellow.In the first place, it is a leather that is hard to scratch, and it has an embossed embossing that enhances the texture, so it can be used in a long and beautiful state.This price will be worth all handmade.


▲ The interior is also designed with the same colored leather

When you open the Excella zip, you will find a familiar internal structure where the central coin chamber is partitioned.The interior is also designed with the same color leather.By the way, 10 out of 13 colors are 2 tone colors.

■ Camille Forne / Tsuyoshi choice that can be understood by form

▲ [W21 × H10 × D1.5cm] 440,000 yen / Camille Forn

An edgy form with a one -sided corner that can be said to be the icon design of Camille Folne, a French luxury leather brand.It is a long zip wallet made of rich Mississippi Rigator leather.The expression of a symmetrical spots with a small outside and a large center is a gem that uses only the abdomen of the crocodile, which is less than one year old.In addition to colors, in 2022, carrying products linked to reptiles is a feng shui, so it seems that you can expect a stronger fortune.