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"Introduction to sound adjustment" equalizer ... 31 band type operation method Part 2

In car audio, making full use of "sound adjustment" is one of the points for gaining good sounds.This corner explains such important items from a variety of angles.This time, we will continue to explain the operation method of the “31 band type” “equalizer”.

This time, I will introduce detailed tips and precautions.First, consider using the measurement app.When it comes to "31 band type", many professional -in stallers check the disturbance of characteristics using a professional measuring machine, but it is difficult to prepare such equipment at the user level.However, smartphone measurement apps are relatively easy to obtain.

By the way, can this be a weapon in practice?The answer is "Jesus".However, since the limit value of the microphone that picks up the sound is low, it is difficult to swallow the measurement result as it is.The trick is to use it for reference.By the way, it seems that the lower the sound, the lower the accuracy of the measurement result.Conversely, it is said that medium and treble are quite helpful.

The usage is as follows.Pink noise is used to measure frequency characteristics with the app.And if you find the peak part, operate the "equalizer".Try to eliminate the touch peak, such as lowering the applicable band or divided by integers such as 1/2 and 3 of the frequency.

『サウンド調整術入門』イコライザー…31バンドタイプの操作方法 その2

If the band where the peak or dip is generated is near the “crossover frequency”, I would like to touch the “crossover” before adjusting the “equalizer”.If you have a peak, try changing the slope to a steeper one, or releasing the "cut -off frequency" of each tweeter and midwafers.Conversely, if the dip is out, try to make the "slope" slowly or to overtake the "cut -off frequency".If the peak or dip is eliminated, the "equalizer" does not need to be touched.

After the "crossover" or "equalizer" is operated to correct the disturbance of the frequency characteristics, the state is once memorized.On top of that, let's put a familiar song and listen to the flat state (the state before the equalizer adjustment) and the condition after adjustment.In some cases, the sound using the "equalizer" may be more uncomfortable.In that case, let's review the "equalizer" adjustment again.

By the way, when applying music, it is better to check with the volume you always listen to.The bandwidth balance changes to some extent depending on the volume.When the volume is louder, the higher the high range and the low range are more likely to be heard.Please be careful.

This time I will do this.Next time, we will continue explaining the operation method of the “31 band type” “equalizer”.looking forward to.