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"Living" people in Metaverse.Advanced examples and possibilities -IMPRESS WATCH

The word "Metaverse" has been significantly increasing the opportunity to see since the end of 2021.Using a VR headset, you can freely move around the virtual space world with avatars and communicate with other users, but there are still few people who have actually experienced it.

At present, what is the typical Metaverse service and what is interesting?Where are the hooks attractive?

In this paper, we dared to touch on the "deepest" information to see if there was a charm that touched the kin of the general public.We talked to Mr. Takuma Iwasa, CEO of Shiftall, who is immersed in metahabus space many times a week.


メタバースに“住む”人たち。先端事例とその可能性 - Impress Watch

Shiftall has announced that it will focus on the VR and meta spring areas, and the three products announced in January will respond to the request of the VR metaberas heavy users.These new products will be described later.

If you catch it in advance, the company is already selling a device "HARITORAX" (Halitrux), a device that reflects the movement of the fuselage and legs in the avatar.If you combine it with an existing VR headset remote control, a device that allows you to track the whole body (frolacking, frustration).It has become a popular product.According to Iwasa, more than 90 % of it is used in metabers such as VRChat and Cluster, and the rest will be used by Vtuber.


Currently, the standard platform in VR metavers, including overseas, is "VRChat".Apps that operate in META's "Quest" are also distributed, but if you try to enjoy the most attractive, you need a certain amount of expense, such as requiring a VR headset for PCs and a middle -class gaming PC.It is also the situation.

In VRChat, users can create and publish "world" by making full use of 3D models and data, and other users can use their favorite worlds in an instance.You can also invite or invite to the world, or use it alone.Avatar, a user alter ego, has also been created, including sales, and users are enjoying each community in their own way.