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[Sale extension due to very popular] The first "sucking" energy drink in the solar system planet!


Eagle Energy is a new sense of natural energy mist supplement that proposes "sucking" energy charge instead of "drinking". https: // Eagle-Energy.JP/PAGES/NEWYEAR This new year's first sale was planned to be sold for a limited time from January 1 (Fri) to 6 (Wed), but it was more popular than expected.The first sale period will be extended to 13th (Wednesday).<2021 New Year Sale SALE> Period: January 13, 2021 (Wednesday) Special site: https: // Eagle-Energy.jp/pages/newyear


[First Sale Benefits 1] A large special price campaign for 2021 yen (32%off) for all online stores in 2021!(Tax, shipping included)

■EAGLE ENERGY(イーグルエナジー)とは

Eagle Energy is a structure that heats and mists the liquid derived from natural ingredients, including Garana extracts. Some synthetic ingredients destroy the active ingredients by heating at high temperatures and cannot be consumed efficiently, but Eagle Energy uses natural ingredients by developing with research institutions to maintain the effectiveness. We have developed a manufacturing method. Not only harmful substances such as nicotine and tar, but also sugar and calories are zero, so you can charge your energy while considering your health. In addition, compared to drinks, which are said to take 30-40 minutes before the effect is effective, the mist in the mist can be felt in about 5 minutes, so it is possible to take more than necessary before it feels effective. I will prevent it. It is a next -generation energy charge that is highly portable and plays an active part in various scenes that require energy. [Product information] Name: Eagle Energy (Eagle Energy) Regular price: 2,980 yen (tax included)/2 pieces * 1 can be sucked about 400 times. About 20 suction is equivalent to one cup of coffee, so it is equivalent to 20 cups of coffee. Outer box size: horizontal 15.6cm x vertical 8.1cm x high 2.6cm body size: vertical 11.6cm x horizontal 0.9cm x depth 0.9cm Weight: Approximately 15g/Energy Link/Energy Drink "Mint" Sales: Eagle Energy Official Site (https: // Eagle-Energy.Sold at JP)

[Company Profile] Corporation: Pod Energy Corporation Representative: Ryuichi Watanabe Tokyo Sales Office: 2-3-6 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo: 2019 Business Description: Import, Trial, Sales Agency, Brokerage and wholesale capital: 3 million yen company HP: https: // EAGLE-ENERGY.jp